Remote Banking and Financial Management
BSS Group:

Results of the year

2014 saw the 20th year of BSS’s successful business venture to yet again figure as the unfailing leader on the market of online banking and finance systems development and implementation. It is again confirmed by BSS Group’s dynamic development in the conventional and new market segments.

Furthermore, it is confirmed by the research by CNews Analytics, the independent analytical agency, and the Expert rating agency. BSS is confident in its leadership in multiple industry-specific ratings: comprehensive list of largest IT companies in Russia, rating of leading software developers, Top 100 IT companies in Russia; also, BSS is by far at the top of suppliers for Top 50 and Top 100 banks according to the research of the online banking systems market.

Most recent products

In 2014, BSS was focusing on developing and implementing comprehensive solutions and tools in financial and public institutions, designing mobile online banking solutions, delivering innovative products, and promoting its own concept of Digital Banking, also designing a single platform for digital financial tools with this concept as a frame work.

This year passed under the mobile-wise course of the banking segment to see BSS Group busy with developing its mobile banking systems: "Mobile Business Client" and "Multipurpose Mobile Client." We are constantly enhancing our "Notification Server", which is designed for prompt notification of corporate and retail customers of financial transactions and is useful to send prompt notifications and ad messages.

Personal Finance Management (PFM), the popular system to manage personal finances, is now available through "RBS BS-Client. Retail Client."

BSS’s area of focus in 2014 was to develop "CORREQTS" — the next generation system based on the Digital Banking concept, with the three keystones:

  • digital interoperation. Remote channels carry the main load of interchange between the bank and a client;
  • e-Products. Products released by the bank and its partners are designed for marketing through digital channels;
  • Вig data, Digital marketing. Banks find customer development increasingly more important than promotion of conventional banking products.

Thus, the following four systems will run on the single platform of CORREQTS: Online banking system (RBS) for corporate customers, RBS for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, RBS for individuals and the Enterprise clearing centre (for corporate treasury).

Projects with largest banks

The core of BSS’s customer base is made up by banks from Top 100 (asset-based). In 2014, BSS implemented projects involving extension and enhancement of online banking systems at some largest banks. Considerable progress was made with the projects with VneshTorgBank, GazPromBank, Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Banca Intesa and others.

VneshTorgBank launched our feature of multi-level approval and multi-level signing as well as the feature generating a conversion transaction in a couple of clicks. We implemented a few new documents, an interface to simplify execution of deposit transactions with online rates, direct exchange of documents with "1C: Enterprise" and other new features.

With GazPromBank, we automated bank-side processing of currency control documents submitted by corporate customers, thus significantly enhancing productivity of processing and promptness of notification on results of processing their currency control documents. Also, GazPromBank had the features launched to support material pooling for corporate customers with a geographically distributed branch network. To enhance the capabilities ensured by the controls and features preventing fraud payments, we implemented the integration engine to operate with RSA Transaction Monitoring.

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank had the following new features implemented: enhanced capabilities to manage overnight deposits, document counts for customers to have friendlier status tracking, customer approval of any documents in the system, customer management of budget execution control, displaying of customer actions with documents. Furthermore, customers of Novosibirsk subsidiary were switched to operate BSS’s RBS — online banking system.

With Banca Intesa, the project is completed to establish interoperation with the Public information system for regional and local payments. Now their customers can make queries to check their accruals from public institutions, retrieve information on their accruals, and generate payment orders using the data on accruals. Mobile Business Client was implemented to support digital signing through tablets. The system is designed for individual entrepreneurs, small and middle-sized enterprises, and large corporate customers as well.

New projects

As the Summary shows, 2014 saw BSS’s solutions increasingly in demand with large regional and federal banks as well as banks with foreign capital. The following banks chose to run or purchased additional tools for the CORREQTS-based RBS online banking system for corporate customers: Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank, Bank for Innovation and Development, Kama commercial bank, ROST BANK, Kedr Bank, Credit Europe Bank (payroll project), NovahovCapitalBank, The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Nordea Bank, Credit Suisse, ROSPROMBANK, and others.

The following banks chose to run "RBS BS-Client x64″: Moscow Bill Bank, Master-Capital bank, Commercial bank for house construction, INVESTSOTSBANK, RFA bank, "Public bank," Ivy bank, Bank "COSMOS," Rosenergobank, Transstroibank, Russobank, Garant-Invest, Bank "Agency of payment-credit system" (ARXBANK), Sergiy Zhivago municipal commercial bank and others.

The following banks chose to install "RBS BS-Client. Retail Client" to maintain their retail customers: SarovBusinessBank, INVESTSOTSBANK, JSC MC Bank Rus, ZHILCREDIT bank, and others. Also, our Broker Client now runs in Baltic Financial Agency investment company and Coalmetbank as the personal cabinet feature.

2014 also saw continued heightened interest in Notification Server, the technological tool to auto-notify the bank’s clients (businesses and individuals) through multiple communication channels. In particular: FORA-BANK, TROIKA-D BANK, OCEAN BANK, Bank for Innovation and Development, St. Petersburg City Bank, Renaissance Credit CB, Rosenergobank, Assotsiatsiya bank, and others.

Interoperation with federal government executive departments and obtaining information thereof to support statutory instruments was still in limelight among the banks. "BSS e-Government Gate" — the system to connect credit institutions to certain tools of federal government authorities provided by the "System for Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction" (SMEV) solved the task for Central Commercial Bank, "CreditBank" Kalmyck commercial bank, MosTransBank, "Inter-Industry Bank Corporation" commercial bank and others.

The following banks implemented our "Mobile Business Client": Tatfondbank, Banca Intesa, RosEuroBank. "SMP" bank launched a project to implement our Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC). Multipurpose Mobile Client now offers friendly mobile banking to retail customers of GOROD bank, RosGosStrakh bank, "Ural FD" bank. Two more agreements were concluded to implement the funds transfer system: "Money Trans. Single shop window." Multiple banks, including Interregional Fuel & Energy Bank "Mezhtopenergobank" and "Ural FD" bank have been running the Personal Finance Management (PFM) in ’RBS BS-Client. Retail Client’. Further, PFM is under implementation in multiple banks, including RosGosStrakh bank and ZHILCREDIT bank. Multiple other projects were implemented as well.

Geographical expansion

2014 saw further expansion of BSS onto the bank segment in former CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine. Banks of former CIS countries opt for products by BSS, trusting our expertise and experience and appreciating our solutions for their advanced features.

Kazakhstan has the largest number of new BSS projects implemented. Thus, SB Sberbank, Capital Bank Kazakhstan, Delta Bank, and Eximbank Kazakhstan migrated to Correqts, the new digital banking system. Altyn Bank (SB Halyk Bank) implemented our RBS BS-Client. Retail Client for individuals and "RBS BS-Client" for legal entities.

The two banks in Tajikistan, Bank Eskhata and the "Standard Molia" micro deposit company, implemented "RBS BS-Client", our online banking system for legal entities. Also, "Standard Molia" started production run of Notification Server, our client notification system.

The Ukrainian banks Tascombank and Ukrainian Professional Bank had RBS BS-Client. Retail Client implemented.

BSS Engineering bolstering its position

2014 was the forth year since BSS Engineering establishment as part of the BSS Group. Being the system integration and project management Competence centre of BSS Group, BSS Engineering is at the forefront of e-government tool development. The company has been bolstering its position as certified provider of solutions and services to establish common information space for the public and financial sectors; it is capturing new niche markets and enhancing its solutions.

This year, we migrated banks and public institutions on to the e-government infrastructure, implemented new technologies in regional and federal government executive departments with information systems by BSS Engineering.

Geographically, we expanded in to multiple RF regions. The most significant regional projects were located in Moscow and Moscow region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Krasnodar Territory, Astrakhan region, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Successful integration projects were completed in Nordea Bank, Uniastrum Bank, Petrocommerce bank, SKB-Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (ZAO), INVESTRUSTBANK (BANK ITB), BTA — Kazan bank, and others. Commissioned projects of Vneshtorgbank and Vozrozhdenije bank were implemented to increase productivity of BSS e-Government Gate. The enhanced system is able to process up to hundreds of thousands queries a day. Furthermore, we added new features to "BSS e-Government Gate" to support simplified identification of clients by banks in line with the Federal Law No.110-ФЗ (Rus. spelling), which again support retrieval of information from RF Federal Migration Service, RF Pension Fund, and RF Federal Tax Agency required for simplified identification.

The online poll of the National Banking Journal declared the solution by BSS Engineering as optimal, with 44.2% of votes.

"In 2014 we concentrated on developing new markets, optimizing developed solutions, increasing availability of advanced information technologies to end users," says Mr. Andrey Chuchelov (Director General, BSS Engineering) in summary of their activities. "One of the issues at the forefront of our attention was to establish interchange of legally valid information and to support legally valid workflow between public and financial institutions and citizens that use their services."

BSS Security building up expertise

2014 saw BSS Security (the information security Competence centre of BSS Group) diligently building up its expertise and gaining experience. BSS Security has licenses issued by RF Federal Security Service, RF Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK), and Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media.

Certificate Authority of BSS Security was applied by over 150 banks to generate and issue qualified verification key certificates to be used in the ’centralized’ key registration and management scheme. Some of the largest customers: Petrocommerce bank, Alfa Bank, ING bank (Eurasia), Vozrozhdenije bank, MTS Bank.

Whereas Domodedovo municipal bank (DOM bank), Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow), JSC MC Bank Rus chose us to generate and issue verification key certificates to be used in the ’distributed’ key registration and management scheme with a trusted third party (’operator’). Interregional Fuel & Energy Bank ’Mezhtopenergobank’ and ’Customs Card’ payment system chose us to provide consultancy services. Secure corporate network segment was built for JSC Sumitomo Mitsui Rus Bank.

BSS Security implemented secure corporate information systems for the City of Moscow Housing Policy and Housing Resources Department, Moscow region governor executive office, Maintenance Center for RF Federal Migration Service, MosGorUsluga non-profit organization, Research Engineering Institute, Mayak engineering plant, BSS Engineering, State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency, Certificate Authority of ’Customs Card’.

The Interface Agreement with the Federal Customs Service was signed off to see our Certificate Authority widen its scope of capabilities and application of its competences and thus incorporated into the system of certificate authorities for customs authorities. Also, Certificate Authority of BSS Security is incorporated into the network of trusted certificate authorities of RF Federal Tax Service, RF Pension Fund, RF Social Insurance Fund, RF Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), and RF Federal Alcohol Market Regulatory Service.

"In 2014, BSS Security significantly enlarged its customer base both in its conventional markets which include public and financial institutions and in new markets of medical and education institutions, insurance companies and business companies," says Mr. Andrey Platitsyn (Director General, BSS Security) in summary of their activities.

Expertise and market acceptance

2014 witnessed BSS Group’s aggressively developing cooperation with professionals in the business and banking communities. We participated in over 60 respected industry events and forums at federal and regional level, including the iFin international forum, CNews FORUM, Association of Russian Banks conference, Banking Automation forum, "B+S. Banking Oriented Technologies" forum, "Mobile Finance" international conference, "Remote banking" international forum, "Bank of Russia XXI" international banker forum, AntiFraud Russia conference, etc. Reviews, press releases, reports made by BSS Group heads and experts were noticeable occurrences in the industry information field.

Onwards and upwards

Mr. Georgiy Kravchenko summarises BSS Group achievements in 2014: "2014 saw many an achievement due to our united effort. BSS Group noticeably bolstered its position in the conventional banking sector, with developments made in new directions as well. We achieved a significant breakthrough in developing the multi-purpose platform of CORREQTS, we re-structured production environment to bolster management and production capabilities, we started own migration to the project management where result rather than process is in focus, we opened a new production centre in the city of Minsk (Belarus).

2015 will give us the chance to prove BSS Group a mighty team to the market, partners, rivals, but most of all ourselves. A team capable of summoning up their abilities, wit, effort, knowledge to achieve a goal. A team ready for a leap to scale new heights."