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21 December 2017
Russian Agricultural Bank launches “User account” for clients-legal entities

“User account” for corporate clients is based on solution by BSS Company.

23 November 2017
Sviaz-Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) implemented a new digital product — a mobile bank for business

Sviaz-Bank (Vnesheconombank Group) offered its clients a new mobile bank for business — "Work Online."

27 October 2017
“Otkritie” bank launched new Internet bank for corporate clients

The Internet bank for corporate clients of Bank “Otkritie” is based on CORREQTS Corporate by BSS Company.

21 September 2017
"AK BARS" Bank launched mobile application for "AK BARS BUSINESS ONLINE" system users

The mobile bank for corporate clients "AK BARS MOBILE” is based on smartphone application BSS Business by BSS Company.

14 September 2017
SKB-bank's mobile services — in Russia's top ten

SKB-bank's mobile services are based on state-of-the-art solution CORREQTS Retail by BSS Company.

7 August 2017
SDM-bank's mobile application SDM Business Mobile now powered by Android

SDM Business Mobile is based on BSS Business — a mobile application for legal entities and entrepreneurs by BSS Company.

1 August 2017
New application "Kamkombank-Business" — mobile bank for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Kamkombank’s corporate clients obtained modern and convenient mobile bank based on solution by BSS.

21 July 2017
Sviaz-Bank's new mobile bank is available in App Store and Google Play

Sviaz-Bank’s clients obtained modern and convenient mobile bank based on BSS’s solution.

1 June 2017
UniCredit Bank updated Internet bank and mobile application

Internet bank Enter.UniCredit and mobile bank Mobile.UniCredit for individuals are based on the RBS system by BSS Company.

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