Remote Banking and Financial Management
BSS Group:

CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.17

BSS Company presents a new version of modern remote banking service system for individuals CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.17 including a number of improvements that increase the usability and speed of performance of operations by a client.

In particular, the improvements include:

  • rouble intra-bank transfers only by account number;
  • self-registration and password recovery using ATMs;
  • checks of a user at system authorization in terrorist/extremist database;
  • mailing of receipts and applications via email;
  • and much more.

Upgrade to CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.17 from version v. 3.3.16 is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on the updated RBS system CORREQTS Retail and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

About upgrading of a previous version:

BSS Company released CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.17 (12 January 2018)

BSS Company released CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.13 (5 October 2017)

BSS Company released CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.8 (18 July 2017)

BSS Company released CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3 (28 July 2016)

CORREQTS Retail — the new solution by BSS Company (20 October 2015)