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«FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.0

BSS Company announces the release of a new version of "FRAUD-Analysis" v. 4.0 designed to prevent fraud in the remote banking servicing systems for legal entities and individuals.

In addition to the previously integrated mechanism for analysis of the RBS user’s workplace, updated "FRAUD-Analysis" system obtained the function of more robust analysis thanks to the integration with Bot-Trek Secure Bank solution by Group-IB. New functions include: new reports, rules and criteria for testing; expanded functionality for work with directories, groups of clients, and system operating modes; support for new versions of operating systems, databases, application servers, and many other improvements.

"To provide the best product to our clients, we, along with the continued expansion and improvement of the intrinsic properties of "FRAUD-Analysis" system, are implementing joint solutions with our partners. An example of such work is the new version of the system with the integration of Bot-Trek Secure Bank by Group-IB," Mr. Dmitry Knyazev, Department Head, BSS Company, commented on the planned update of "FRAUD-Analysis".

Upgrade to "FRAUD-Analysis" system v. 4.0 from v. 3.5 is performed according to the maintenance contract.

For more information on "FRAUD-Analysis" system and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99, or by e-mail:

About upgrading of a previous version:

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" from v. 3.5 to v. 4.0 (1 November 2016)

Upgrade "FRAUD-Analysis" from v. 3.4 to v. 3.5 (3 December 2015)